Update Project Management Methodology Plans Service

Provide the Update Project Management Methodology Plans Service

Perform the five activities shown in this diagram to provide the Update Plans Service:
1.    Define the Update Plans Service
2.    Identify Stakeholders for the Update Plans Service
3.    Provide the Update Plans Service
4.    Evaluate the Update Plans Service
5.    Improve the Update Plans Service

– Define the Update Plans Service. The PMO should update plans when project managers cannot do this reliably themselves, or when a centralized service reduces project cost. The PMO can update project, program, and portfolio plans.
– Identify stakeholders for the Update Plans Service. Customers are project managers, team leads, and the PMO Report Status Service team. Other stakeholders include project management methodology teams, projects, and all those who receive status information from the Report Status Service.
– Provide the Update Plans Service. Each project must have up-to-date plans each week, so this service is an ongoing PMO activity. The level of effort is dependent upon how automated the online project management system is and the degree to which project managers and their teams can do this for themselves.
– Evaluate the Update Plans Service. Project managers, project team leads, and the PMO Report Status Service Team may all have recommendations for improving this service.
– Improve the Update Plans Service. Key improvements include ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of updates, and reducing effort and cost by increasing efficiency.

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