Maintenance Schedule Project Management Methodology

Maintenance Schedule Project Management Methodology

The project management methodology is a living document. Each day, the PMO should be able to say, “This is the project management template methodology, the way this company does projects, as of today. Follow these standards and best practices to be compliant with the project management methodology and to have the greatest chance of delivering acceptable project results on time and within budget.” At the same time, the project management methodology will undergo frequent small changes and occasional large changes. The frequent small changes, called continuous improvement, are included in the here routine of the PMO Execution Phase. Large changes are a part of the PMO Improvement Phase.

There are many events that trigger changes to the project management methodology:

– Changes to external standards. The methodology is linked to, or required to comply with, external standards such as the PMBOK┬«, PRINCE2┬«, and relevant industry standards. If these change, then the methodology must change to remain in compliance. Usually, changes to these standards are a major event, and require major revision of the project management methodology.
– Correction of errors. Any user of the project management methodology may notice an error and recommend correction. Corrections should be made as part of routine maintenance.
– Clarification. If a user finds a passage unclear, it should be clarified and made unambiguous for all readers as part of routine maintenance.
– Small exceptions. In some cases, online project management can be streamlined by exceptions to parts of the methodology. The PMO Methodology Expert should evaluate whether this exception will improve efficiency without reducing effectiveness. If so, he should update the methodology with a decision rule for the exception that will allow project managers a simpler alternative when it is equally effective.
– Small improvements. Any project team may discover or create a better way of working. The PMO project management Methodology Expert should collect these at phase reviews and post-project reviews. If the improvement can be generalized for use in other projects, the project management methodology should be revised to include it.
– Results of assessments and audits. Assessments and audits may find that projects are following the methodology, but still encountering problems. In this case, the project management methodology needs improvement. Unless the change is small, this work would usually be part of the PMO Improvement Phase.

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