Maintenance for Project Management Methodology

All of these events, and the work to revise the project management methodology, can be managed using the Project Management Methodology Maintenance Checklist. This checklist is the work plan for the PMO Methodology Expert during the routine PMO Execution Phase. The PMO Project Management Templates Expert maintains the maintenance checklist and completes this work by following these eight steps:

1. Make a copy of the Project Management Methodology Maintenance Schedule Template. Enter the general information at the top left.

2. Receive input from all users, and also check sources for the online project management methodology, such as internal and external standards, to identify proposed changes.

3. Enter each proposed change on one row. In the first column of the table, name the change.

4. In the Source field, enter the source of the change, including contact information.

5. In the Reason field, enter a short reason for, or benefit of, the change. See below for a sample list of reasons.

6. List the name of the component being changed in the Components column. Break down changes into small units that affect only one component. Put the current version number in the Old Version column. Put the new version number that will be used when the change is complete in the New Version column.

7. Enter the dates planned for the completion of each piece of work: drafting the change, approving the change, updating the version, updating the training, and formally making the new version available.

8. Perform the work and track progress by entering the actual date deliverables are completed.

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