Duplicating MPMM Project Management Methodologies

Duplicating Project Management Methodologies

Client Request:
When I first downloaded and installed MPMM, it took a few minutes before I realized that I had to duplicate the MPMM Project Management Methodologies in order to edit it. It would have been easier if there was an MPMM duplicate all ready to use. Also, duplicating the MPMM Project Management Methodologies itself takes a full 5-10 minutes. Is there any way that you can speed it up?

Support Team Response:
Good ideas. We will investigate including a duplicate of MPMM (probably called “My MPMM”) within the Trial Edition of MPMM Professional. This will enable users to immediately edit the MPMM methodology, rather than having to duplicate the MPMM Project Management Methodology first. We do explain in the Help section that users need to edit a duplicate of MPMM rather than MPMM itself, due to the fact that the core MPMM online project management methodology itself is protected, but we’re aware that users don’t typically read the full Help file during a Trial install. As for speeding up the duplication feature, it only takes 5-10 minutes when duplicating MPMM. If you create and duplicate your own or other project management methodologies within MPMM, then it’s likely to be much faster. The reason why it takes a while to duplicate MPMM is that MPMM includes such a massive amount of content pages, templates and business case studies – to duplicate the thousands of data files, takes time. However in saying that, we are currently looking into ways to make it even faster than it is currently to duplicate project management methodologies.

The MPMM Support Team

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