Project Management Office

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – Foundation of Project Success

Developing Effective Work Breakdown Structures

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is an often misunderstood and underappreciated tool of project management.  I would argue that it is a critical piece of the foundation of any project management methodology.  Many misconceptions exist …
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Using a Project Management Office Program

By deciding to use a project management office program within your organization, you have made a major change in the way your personnel will conduct their daily business routines. This is the digital path to helping your project team reach …
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Why you need a PMO in your Organization

The reasons your organization needs a PMO department is so your business can become more organized and be in compliance with the international standards the global market place now requires. Unfortunately the needs and requirements of a Project Management Office …
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The PMO Checklist

When it comes time to set up your PMO, the use of an all inclusive checklist will be very beneficial. This is an internal project that will be very complex and have specific needs that have to be met …
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Project Office Tools

With the use of project office tools, you can proceed with the setup and installation of your project management office program easier and more efficiently so less time is wasted. The best tool available to assist in this setup is …
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PMO is the Department that sets the Standards

The PMO is the Project Management Office department of an organization that establishes the standards that the rest of the staff is to follow in their daily business practices. This allows your organization can follow the accepted paths that will …
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Project Management Office is the Ultimate in Organizational Tools

The project management office program is the ultimate in organizational tools for business to use today that is helping item get the competitive edge over their rivals. This organizational tool is the foundation on which all of your process and …
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A Checklist for your Project Office Set Up

The project office checklist is an organized way to make sure your installation of the new project management office program is installed correctly. This will allow the users to take full advantage of all the processes and documents that are …
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