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Governance Project Management Methodology

Project Management Methodology Implementation is closely linked with the Controlling Services, as follows:

– Implement Governance. Methodology and governance are closely linked. Project Management Methodology creates a framework for what specific decisions and processes are needed. Governance defines who should make each decision and be accountable for each process. Governance, therefore, extends the project management methodology to all people in all roles in the company, and beyond using specific project management software. Implementation of governance is a way to extend the methodology so that it includes all project stakeholders, not just project teams. This improves communication, leading to higher quality and more efficiency.
– Perform Assessments. Most assessments will be used to determine the overall state of use of the project management methodology across the organization. An assessment is a general checkup telling the PMO how well the methodology is being used.
– Perform Reviews. Reviews occur at the end of each project phase, and phases are defined by the project management life cycle in the methodology. Changes to the life cycle will change the review schedule.
– Perform Audits. Audits compare actual performance to the project management methodology and the standards it contains.

Auditing should not be implemented until the methodology deployment and training are complete. All project managers should be empowered to use the project management methodology before they are evaluated with regard to how well they are using it.

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Project Management Life Cycle
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