Why you need a PMO in your Organization

The reasons your organization needs a PMO department is so your business can become more organized and be in compliance with the international standards the global market place now requires. Unfortunately the needs and requirements of a Project Management Office department is larger than what is just laying around your organization. It will take the installation of the proper framework and equipment so they can do their job in the most effeicent manner.

To help an organization install a PMO department, the use of a checklist is very helpful. On the checklist with the actual requirements to help you set up this type of department right the first time. The first thing on the list will be the right location for this department to be located within your organization. When considering the location you need to think about access to it from all the departments in your organization. The easier it is for your staff to obtain the services and information from this department, the more likely they will use it as you intend them to.

Also needing to be considered for the placement of the PMO department will be the equipment and location of the connections you will be needing. By being near the central hub or computer room, the connection to the servers will be easier and allow the PMO department to keep a closer eye on them. The right equipment for this department is required for them to do their tasks as they are assigned.

The roles and responsibilities of the PMO department along with the individual ones will also need to be clearly defined and documented. Their responsibilities will be to have your organization and the deliverables in compliance with the international standards. By making their job clearly defined and giving them the tools they need to accomplish their responsibilities, your product will have an easier time getting into markets they were otherwise restricted from.

The PMO department can make a major impact on your revenue stream by cutting thru the red tape of the international market place. This is a large investment, but the return is also as great.

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