Why use a Methodology

The use of a Methodology when going into a business venture is to help set a known path that will help lead to a successful conclusion. The right path for each project will be different so the different methodologies that are available to the business world are many.

The right methodology for your current project will depend on the needs you have for it. This is where you need to determine the goals and scope of the business venture and how you wish to achieve them. In most instances the one to follow is the lifecycle methodology. This is one with four distinctive phases that will allow you to break down the different sections so a greater level of concentration on each can transpire.

The lifecycle methodologyhas the initiation, planning, execution and conclusion phases. Each one has its own distinctive purposes and will lead to the next phase in the most logical and efficient manner. Each phase has a set path that needs to be followed. Within each phase are a set of tasks that have to be determined for the phase to be completed. This way once the phase if concluded, there will be no need to return to any of the tasks that have been accomplished.

There is software today that makes the most out of the lifecycle methodology. This program has many project management tools that can be used by the project manager to complete the tasks they have to accomplish in all of the different phases of the business venture. In the planning phase the project management templates is the key tool. This set of documents allows the project manager to create the necessary documents so they can be followed in the execution phase in less time and with greater detail than from starting from scratch.

The lifecycle methodologyis an all inclusive process that can help any business venture attains its goals in the most efficient and profitable manner. To help the project manager know just what is going on during the course of the project there are even monitoring tools that can be used to help make sure your team is on track with the tasks they were assigned to do. This will help your project conclude with success.


Article donated by Brent Westland

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