When the level of Quality Demands the use of the Six Sigma Methodology

When your customers demand the highest level of quality, the six sigma methodology is generally the one that is called upon to achieve the necessary goals. These goals are to reduce the number of error in your processes and deliverables to only 3.4 errors in every million deliverable that you create.  That might seem like a tall order, but companies have been achieving it since 1981 when Motorola introduced this methodology to the business world to help them compete with the Japanese firms.

By using the six sigma methodology you will have a successful production line that is capable of completing and selling 99.99966% of all that you produce. This methodology takes mathematics and practical theory to the test when applied in the real world. Unfortunately this is unpractical to implement successfully for many businesses.

That does not mean you cannot use the six sigma methodology within your organization. It only means you might not achieve the goal of the methodology of only having 3.4 errors per million deliverables. The processes in this methodology are very helpful in reducing the errors in any application it is applied to. Because of this the number of errors in your project will be reduced even when the theoretical goal is not fully achieved.

The overall goal of the six sigma methodology is to help an organization to have a long term quality plan that is constantly making improvements towards the end goal of reducing all possible errors. This is done with continuous evaluation of the processes involved with your deliverable. Once a problem is indentified, then the methodology also has a mechanism to implement the change that is necessary to make the improvement part of the daily business routine.

While the overall goals of the six sigma methodology might seem unobtainable, it is still a milestone that should be sought. By reducing the errors of the deliverable, the profits of the organization will increase because of the reduction in waste being produced. This is helpful with any company in business to create a revenue stream in the world.

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