Utilizing Project Management Process Groups

The manner in which you use your project management process groups will determine just how useful they are at contributing towards your next business venture.  These are specialists in your project team that make significant contributions to the project planning process. This allows the documentation of the business venture to proceed swiftly and accurately, so the execution phase of the business venture can commence as quickly as possible.

You can have a total of 10 project management process groups. This is one for each of the separate project processes that are involved in undertaking a business venture. Each of these processes has specific elements of the project that must be thought about and planned appropriately.  By assigning specialists to each of the different processes, you can help to ensure you will have the required details included in each of the project process documents you need to fulfill the goals and scope of your next business venture.

The lists of the different project management process groups you will need to form include time, cost, quality, change, risk, issue, tender, procurement, acceptance, and communications. Each one is a specific field of expertise that when brought together correctly, can make a significant impact on the success ratio of your business ventures.

The makeup of the project management process groups will be different since their areas they concentrate on have very different functions. However, there can be some crossovers. One of the best examples of crossover is the communication team and the change team. Both need to know how to correctly relay a message to be received as it is sent. The issues and risk teams will also have some similarities and a few team members can be in both groups. This will include the people that can mitigate problems in the most constructive manner.

The use of project management process groups can help the project manager delegate certain tasks so they can focus on the larger picture involving the project. This allows the manager to act more like a coach or advisor that will direct the path for the teams to follow, so the goals and scope of the business venture can be achieved in the quickest possible fashion.

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