Using the Lean Methodology is the way of the Future

The use of lean methodology by the manufacturing sector of the business world has increased the profit potential of said businesses. This is all because the same deliverables are produced as before. What has been removed is all the waste and non-contributing processes to the construction of the deliverables.

When you are utilizing the lean methodology, a system of constant monitoring and review has to be in place. This monitoring and reviewing process assesses the value each process contributes to the deliverable in the execution phase of the project.

In the lean methodology, the responsibility of maintaining the processes and determining which ones actually make a significant contribution is the project manager. They are the ones that review to reports from the monitoring processes.

In most instances the monitoring process of the lean methodology is conducted by the quality control department. They are responsible to determine where waste might be occurring that should be eliminated without negatively affecting the quality of the deliverable.

There are others that can contribute to the monitoring of the deliverable in the lean methodology. This would be anyone else involved with the project, most notably the production crew of the deliverable. They are the ones that see firsthand just exactly what each process is doing and contributing to the deliverable. Their observations are made from the experience they have from time spent making the deliverables. They then report their observations to the QC department where a formal inspection of what was pointed out can be conducted.

The final approval of the elimination of a process or part of a process is the responsibility of the project manager. They are the ones responsible for writing the procedure to eliminate the process and updating the project plan about said elimination.

The lean methodology is the best and most efficient way of reducing costs in the manufacturing sector without compromising the quality of the deliverable. This methodology was first introduced in Japan after WWII because of the shortages in labor and material in that country. Today it is used around the world to increase the profit potential of a business to its maximum amount.

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