Using MPMM project management software

Q: I want to use your methodology to teach project management through e-learning in my country. The market segment is very small and in our country (Chile) e-learning has only really just begun. Would this be possible?

A: The MPMM project management methodology is the perfect tool for project management teaching and learning, as it includes all of the project management processes required to complete a project from end to end. If you wish to use MPMM to teach project management processes to students, then simply buy a single user license and use it during your courses. However if you want to upload the content to the internet to market and sell the intellectual property, then this is a different thing entirely. You are not able to upload the intellectual property onto the internet or use it to compete with us in any way. But using it for your training course project management solution is fine.

Also see project manager and project management kit.

The MPMM Support Team

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