Uploading Project Management Life Cycle Templates

Uploading Project Management Life Cycle Templates

Question: Would it be possible to get one of the project management life cycle templates in word or excel?  I’m interested in their appearance and how easy they are to customize. Also, is there a way for the product to recognize our customized project management life cycle templates? And do you have a licensing model for using the product from a server? This is the desired model for my organization.

Answer: You can download our free Risk Management Templates from www.method123.com. The templates contained in this are exactly the same as those in the MPMM product. As such this should meet that requirement. With regards to the Product recognizing your customized templates, using the Professional edition you can import your customized templates into the product easily using the “Import” feature. With regards to a licensing model with the program running on a server, this is possible, depending on your technical server platform. This Project Management Software also provides this function.

The MPMM Support Team

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