Upgrading from the Project Management Process Kit

Upgrading from the Project Management Process Kit

Q: I have already bought the project management process kit from your other website www.method123.com and I would like to upgrade to MPMM. Can you please tell me what the differences are between the Method123 Project Management Process Template kit and the MPMM Project Management Process software?

A: The Method123 Project Management Kit includes all of the templates that you need to complete a project from start to finish. The templates are incredibly detailed and they explain how to complete each of the steps required to fill them in. However they don’t tell you when to use the templates, who should complete them and in what order. That is what MPMM does. As a project management process, it tells you what steps you need to take to complete a project, which templates to use and when and who should complete them. It also gives you a complete Project Management Process for completing projects by explaining all of the phases, activities and tasks you need to complete. And finally MPMM includes all of the online project management case studies and practical examples which help you gain learning from similar projects in similar industries.

The MPMM Support Team

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