Upgrade to a Multi-User Project Methodology License

How to Upgrade to a Multi-User Project Management Methodology License

Q: I have a team of ten people and I would like them to be using the MPMM Project Management Methodology software. Can you please tell me how I can upgrade my project management software from a single-user install to a multi-user install so that we can create and share project methodologies within our team?

A: You may upgrade from a single-user license to a multi-user license at any time. To upgrade your project management tools, first purchase your multi-user license by emailing us at support@method123.com. We will be in touch to help you process your multi-user license purchase. As part of the process, we will collect your payment details and send you a product license for the number of user installations that you have purchased. You can then download MPMM free project management methodology trial editions from our website to each of your PCs in your project team. Install MPMM on each PC, enter the team serial number that we have issued you, and complete the activation process. You can usually complete a five user install in just thirty minutes. It is fairly quick and easy to complete. If you have any questions email us at support@mpmm.com.

The MPMM Support Team

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