Updating Online Project Management Plans

Which Online Project Management PMOs should provide the Update Plans Service?

Updating Online Project Management Plans

All projects must have their plans updated weekly, but this work can be provided either by the project teams themselves, or by the PMO. This leaves three options for the PMO with regard to offering the Update Plans Service for project plans:

РDo not offer the service, leave it to the project teams. This option has the advantage that it requires project managers, team leaders, and their teams to be very hands-on with a project management methodology. If project managers are well-trained and focused on keeping information up-to-date, then they will be able to update plans themselves. If all projects are able to deliver updated plans weekly to the PMO reliably, this is an option.

– Offer the service, but only to be used as needed. In this option, the norm is for project managers and their teams to keep plans up to date. But if a particular project manager is having trouble doing this, the PMO takes over the activity. This need can be determined by the project managers ability to deliver input to the Report Status Service. If the project manager cannot do this, then the PMO should do it.

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