Trialing MPMMs Project Management Life Cycle

Project Management Life Cycle Trial Period

Q: Hi. We’ve been trialing the MPMM project management life cycle standard edition for some time now, but we have just got the error message “A valid license could not be obtained”. Can you please advice?

A: This issue is most probably because you’ve tried to wind the clock back on your PC to extend the free trial period. We have added some clever code to identify when this happens and prevent people from extending their free trial indefinitely, otherwise we’d be out of business! If you want to extend your free project management life cycle trial period, then the best way to do this is to download the project management software to another PC in your company and trial it for the full trial period length there. You can usually only download a free trial to a single PC once. We believe that the free trial periods are long enough for you to get a good feel for this project management life cycle and make your purchasing decision.

The MPMM Support Team

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