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Trial Downloads for your MPMM Project Management Process

Q: Hi. I have tried to download the free trial edition of MPMM project management process, but my download was blocked. What can I do to get around this?

A: Thank you for your question. If there was an error displayed, then please email it to us. Most download errors result from either having a slow internet connection (in which the connection times out), having your firewall settings set too high (which prevents you from downloading large files over the internet) or from a problem with our server hosting. The easiest way around the problem is to try and download the trial edition of the MPMM project management process from another PC, or reduce your internet security settings (using the “Tools, Internet Options, Security” feature) temporarily to allow the file to come through. If that doesn’t work, then please email us and we will investigate it with our hosting company. Our website experiences thousands of downloads per week, so the other option is to try again in an hours time. If you are in the USA and have a high speed internet connection, then you should typically be able to download the trial edition within just 3-5 minutes.

Q: I know you get bombarded with Questions about MPMM, but hopefully I’m first on the cards. I have already purchased the Project Management Kit from  So I’m not sure if I need the “pro” version or just the “educational” version. Do you have an opinion? I’m guessing that the only potential problem with not getting the “Pro” version is that, while I will have the templates, they will not come with the complete methodology, am I right?

A: Yes you are correct in asserting that the MPMM project management process already comes with the same type of templates that you have already purchased from

However MPMM project management process in itself is a much more comprehensive and powerful tool set then Method123. By upgrading to the Professional version, you will actually receive an entire methodology for managing projects. This methodology describes how to complete every phase, activity and task within the project management life cycle, so that you know what steps to take and when, to complete projects more successfully. By purchasing MPMM, you will also receive a complete project management process which describes how to use the templates you have already purchased, and how these templates fit together. Of course, it also includes an entire suite of project management case studies as well, so that you can learn how other projects have completed their deliverables for customers successfully. Although there are some differences between the Professional and Standard Editions of MPMM, the biggest difference is that the Professional edition now comes with the “Methodology Project Manager” which helps you to build and customize your own project management life cycles. I hope that answers your question.

The MPMM Support Team

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