Training Plan Project Management Methodology

Project Management Methodology Training Plan

Providing training in the methodology is crucial to PMO success. Project Management Methodology training has these functions and benefits:

– It is the framework that provides a place for all other training in tools, processes, and project management software.
– It improves communication by giving every project stakeholder a common language and by defining roles for project reviews and other decision processes
– It standardizes the way project work is done, increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

The PMO Project Management Methodology Expert and the PMO Training Project Manager follow these eight steps to create and implement the methodology training plan:

1. Open a copy of the Project Management Methodology Training Plan Template. Enter the general information at the top left.

2. Copy the list of components from the Project Management Methodology Publication Schedule into the Components column of the Methodology Training Plan.

3. Copy the version numbers into the Version # column.

4. Create one row for each training format. Each training program may be in an in-class format, a web-based format, and other formats for guided or independent study.

5. Copy the planned dates for the start and end of training from the Project Management Methodology Publication Schedule.

6. Enter the planned dates for when the outline will be approved, when the materials will be prepared, and when test classes will be run. Make sure to allow sufficient time to complete each of these activities so that the class can be available on the date listed for training to be available. If necessary, acquire additional resources to ensure delivery of the training on time. A delay in the availability of this training will have a negative impact on the entire rollout of the PMO’s project management templates, standards, processes, tools, and training services.

7. As work is completed, track the work by entering the actual dates deliverables are finished.

8. Whenever a module is updated to a new version, enter a line on this schedule for each version of the training materials, and revise the training for that module.

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