There Are Many Project Management Methodologies Available For Business

All of the different project management methodologies have one thing in common. This commonality is that each methodology is designed to have its processes that follows a specific discipline in assigning tasks and procedures that guide the inter activities from the initialization of a project until its conclusion. The right approach for your company is dependent on what type of business you are in.

The different project management methodologies that are in use today are Adaptive Project Framework, Agile Software Development, Crystal Methods, Dynamic Systems Development Model, Extreme Programming, Feature Driven Development, Flexible Project Development, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, Joint Application Development, Lean Process, PRINCE2, Project Life Cycle,  Prototype Development, Rapid Application Development, Rational Unified Process, Scrum, Spiral, Tenstep Project Management Process, and Waterfall Methodology.

There are several types of project management methodologies that can be used for most types of applications, with differing degrees of success. This can include Spiral, Lean, Project Life Cycle, and to a certain degree, the traditional Waterfall Methodology.

There are also a few project management methodologies that can only be applied in certain sectors of business. Agile Software Development is specifically designed for use in the development of software programs and applications. This methodology has had many variations that have developed into individual methodologies. These are the Scrum and Dynamic Systems Development Model methodologies.

Most of these project management methodologies are copyright-protected. A few of them have to be purchased while a number of them, like the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, are available for use by the public.

In most cases, the choice of which of the project management methodologies a project manager is to utilize is not their decision. Many businesses already have a business model that must be followed that was decided on before the projects under it were even thought about.

If you have decided to submit for a change of methodology that your project would be better suited to use, make sure you have the data and documentation on hand to support this change. Change is good sometimes, but it is not always permitted.

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