The Six Sigma Methodology is all about Improving Quality

The six sigma methodology was developed to help reduce the number of defects that are being produced in the production lines. This was to help bring an American company in line with the quality of its Japanese competition in the electronic field of industry.

By deploying a six sigma methodology at a business, they are utilizing a business quality management strategy that takes aim at reducing the errors in the manufacturing process by first identifying them then eliminating them. In some companies this is referred to as a reduction in defects in the deliverables.

This six sigma methodology is a statistical approach that has an overall goal of obtaining only 31 defects in a production line out of every 1 million units that are produced. Because this goal is so hard to achieve and then maintained a system for approaching this rate of defects and keeping it at that level, a system had to be developed.

The system that has proven to work to achieve the six sigma methodology goals is a constant monitoring and improving program. For a program of this scale to achieve its goals must include the entire workforce working together.

When it comes to quality control, most business has a designated team assigned to it. With the six sigma methodology, the entire workforce is part of the quality control team. The most important members are the workers on the lines of production. They are the ones that have the first chance at seeing a defect as it is occurring. They can also easily pinpoint the area of the production line in which the defect is being produced.

The locating of a defect is just part of the six sigma methodology process. There also has to be a process for removing the defect from the process so reoccurrence of it does not happen. This is where the writing and implementation of a new procedure must take place.

The instituting of a six sigma methodology into a company is no easy task, but the rewards are immense. Not only are the customers of the deliverables more satisfied with the product, but there is less waste generated from the lines since fewer products are being removed from the market.

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