The Purpose of a Project Management Office Program

The purpose of a project management office program is to provide a company with a software program that can use its organizational abilities to their benefit. The program itself is used by a designated group within your organization to retrieve all the current standards and implement them into your business processes.

The main standards that are used by the project management office group are currently the Prince2 and PMBOK along with ISO9000 for certain markets. The exact standards you need to follow are guided by the markets you are selling your services or deliverables in and their requirements.

Because the market place has grown to a global scale the project management office group is also required to obtain, analyze and follow the different governmental regulations that need to be adhered to. This is a great challenge since nearly every country and sometime regions within a country can have different requirements and regulations that must be followed.

Fortunately there are many project management office groups around the world already engaged in this practice and their results are starting to be known to the greater business community. This reduces the number of surprises a business will encounter when dealing with specific regions of the world.

The reason a business should invest in a project management office group is not initially to lower there operating expenses, but to improve their performance when dealing with the different markets they are expanding into. In time a cost savings will be acquired along with less aggravation because of the reduction in red tape that is prohibiting your company access to a market.

The primary function of a project management office group is to deal with all the regulations and requirements of the business community in which your business is involved in but that is not thier limitation. Many are having an expanded role into the methodologies used by a business and increasing involved in strategic planning management.

By creating a project management office group within your organization, you will see a streamlining effect of your processes and a decrease in red tape that blocks your projects from being a success in more regions of the world.

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