The Project Process is the Backbone to every Successful Project

Each individual project process is a foundation on which each component of your project is built upon. The sounder this foundation is, the better possibility of a successful project being the end result. To understand all of the different processes takes time and experience to understand their details fully.

While each project process has its value and is necessary for the completion of a project, there are some that have a higher level of importance than others. By properly managing time, cost and the quality of the product, a project manager can regulate the success of their project in a more efficient manner. These are the truly most important processes in a project. If any one of them are not planned correctly or executed in the right manner, the project has little to no chance of being a success.

Just because a project process is not at the highest level of importance does not mean it should be neglected. It is true that every risk that could possibly encounter a project will not do so, but the possibility is still there. If a known risk does impact the project and there is not a plan to deal with it, or a plan that little thought was placed into its creation, could spell disaster for your success of the project.

This is why each individual project process has to be properly created withal of the necessary detail and precision needed for it to be a successful component of the project. It is just like a building with a firm foundation. Most visitors know the building has a foundation, but only see what is on the surface that they come in contact with. If the corner stone of this foundation is cracked or faulty, the rest of the structure will crumble and be useless.

This is why each project process is important to the overall success of a project. The success or failure of a project is hidden in the details of all the different process that comprise it as a whole. It is not only the Boy Scouts that have to be prepared for the unknown, also the project manager.

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