The Project Management Case Study

The project management case study is an important step in the overall process of developing a project plan that is functional and profitable for an organization. The current and future economic conditions of the market place will influence what areas of the study should be looked into with the greatest detail.

This should be the main focus of a project management case study, understanding what the conditions were in the past that match up with the present day situations along with what actually worked in these conditions. This is why a case study is conducted, to learn from the past.

In most instances, the project management case study is conducted by the project manager. This allows them to have the first hand information on what should be done and what has to be avoided in the current economic conditions. In most cases, mistakes that have occurred in the past that are repeated are not good for the business or the career of the project manager. The study of past projects, and learning from them, is part of the job of project managers.

The primary focus of the project management case study will be determined by the economic conditions and the area of weakness that each particular project manager has. This could include the management of time, costs, quality, or the all-important risks and issues. Each plays an important part in the construction and implementation of a project plan. If just one of these components is not suited for the conditions that are present, it could cause a chain reaction to occur that will be problematic for the project.

The selection of the project management case study is generally from within the business the manager is currently working for. This will allow them access to all of the proprietary documents that would otherwise be unattainable. It is not very often that a competitor or other business in the market place would allow for an outsider to view their classified documents, but it has occurred and could be worthwhile pursuing, in some instances.

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