The PMO Checklist

When it comes time to set up your PMO, the use of an all inclusive checklist will be very beneficial. This is an internal project that will be very complex and have specific needs that have to be met for this department to operate as planned. This set up has to be complete from the start so all of the tasks that will be required of this group will be possible.

The very first thing needed to be done to create the PMO department is to decide on the optimum location for it. This has to be a secure location because of the work that is to be done by the staff working in this department. It is true that the standards and regulation every business works by is public knowledge, just how they are implemented and incorporated into your projects is proprietary information.

Next on the PMO checklist is to install the infrastructure that is necessary for this group of employees to do their jobs in an effective manner. Not only is the location important but so are the systems they will be using to conduct their tasks. In most instances the computer network you organization is using should have a designated area just for this department to use. By keeping it isolated from the rest of the company, you will have more control over who has access to what and when.

There also has to be a defined and documented role for each of the PMO personnel to be designated before anyone begins to work. This way efficiency will be inherited into the work processes they this group will be completing.

The rolls the PMO group has access to should be relevant to their job roles. One of the tools most often used in this group are the project management templates. This allows for a consistent and continuous stream of documents to be produced on a regular basis.

Implementing and using the PMO group in your organization is not something that will just fall together. You will need a plan and responsible people to make it work.


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