The Methodology Behind the Enterprise Project Plan

The methodology behind the enterprise project plan has not always been the same. This concept was first used for only large scale projects because of the vast amount of resources and data that were included in its execution. Today that has changed with what is necessary for acceptance by the global market place for even a limited production run of a deliverable.

The enterprise project plans have always had to adhere to international standards as part of their acceptance criteria. With the numerous regulations of the global market place, these same standards are now required be any manufacturer in the world. This is due to the fact that most organizations no longer have a limited target audience to their geographic region. By using the internationally accepted standards as part of the framework for their projects, acceptance is more widely given when entering a new market.

The details and path the enterprise project methodology of the past are now common place in the business world. This includes many different sources for acquiring the necessary raw materials that will be needed for the product of the deliverable. This allows for more organizations to run a just in time approach of their supplies, so a lower overhead can be achieved when producing goods. This lowering of the price of the deliverables allows them, in turn, to be more competitive in the global market place.

The enterprise project plans of the past also had a great deal of detail in them. This is now a necessity in all size projects. Accountability is necessary at all levels to help manage the project in every detail. This allows for a record to be made of even the smallest details, which is a great way of determining where an improvement can be made in the process.

The enterprise project plan of the past, along with the methodologies they used, has applications in today’s modern global economy. This makes it possible to be continuously improving your process so lower costs of manufacturing can be achieved in the most efficient way possible.

This article has been offerd by Brent Westland

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