The Freedom of Agile Methodology

The freedom that the agile methodology gives your project team is advantageous in the software industry. It takes the iterative and incremental path when approaching the way you handle your business venture in the software industry. Best of all this methodology is flexible so it can be instantly adjusted to meet the ever changes demand of the industry and the target audience.

The agile methodology values working software over a comprehensive set of documents like most business ventures require. This is one of the reasons this approach to developing a deliverable is so flexible. There is no real set path to follow other than the end goal. Individuals in the project team are basically set loose to accomplish their tasks in the manner in which they see best.

The approach to a project with Agile Methodology also takes into account that the customer or target audience might have their needs or requirement changing. Since the structure of this methodology is flexible, their needs and wants can be then relayed to the project team members so the appropriate adjustments can be made to the deliverable. This way the final product will be what the customers need when it is delivered.

To use the Agile Methodology most effectively, the project team must be composed of highly motivated individuals that can be trusted. This allows them to produce the software in the matter of weeks instead of months like most other methodologies produce. The reduction of a rigid framework in the methodology makes this possible.

The Agile Methodology is a group effort and not an individual one. Because of this collaboration it is essential to the development of a program that first addresses the needs of the future users. The less red tape and boundaries involved will increase the efficiency of the project team and the results they produce.

The agile methodology approaches a business venture in a manner different than all other of the methodologies available today. This is acceptable since the project team members are also very different. This methodology was created by software creators the now what has worked best for them and have decided to share it with the rest of the industry. This has benefited the entire software community as a whole.

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