The Build Deliverables step in Project Management Life Cycle

Title The Build Deliverables step in Project Management Life Cycle

Description A project management life cycle only tells you how to manage projects. It does not provide information on how to construct deliverables.

Keywords project management life cycle physical deliverables.

Q: Hi, we are a small company and are buildig a suite of deliverables for your customer. However it’s occurred to us that while we can apply a consistent project management life cycle to our projects, it’s pretty hard to describe in a methodology how to build the deliverables – as the deliverables are different for every project. How does your project management methodology handle this?

A: Very good question. This is the only step in the project management life cycle that is totally different for every project undertaken. It is covered at the helicopter level in our project management methodology, however a methodlogy tells you how to manage projects, not how to build and construct physical delvierables like buildings, telecommunication lines and engineering structures.

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