Tender Project Management Process

Q: We’re about to select suppliers to our project, and we want to run a proper Tender Process to do it. Can you please tell us what this entails?

A: Using out project management process, you can appoint preferred suppliers to your project quickly and easily. Firstly, you document what exactly it is that you want to outsource to suppliers, within what is called a “Statement of Work”. This states the work that needs to be competed by the supplier, in order to fulfill your needs for the project. Next, you need to issue a “Request for Information” which documents the process that they need to go through, to submit you a proposal for the work to be completed. You then review their proposals and if you n eed more detailed information in order to select a prefferred supplier, then you and a “Request for Proposal”. And finally, you select and appoint the supplier by agreeing a formal supplier contract.

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