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Customer Question – I am contemplating purchasing your Project Management Templates. Once purchased, would you say most organizations use your templates with instructions and all already incorporated in the document, as their final document to end users (examples etc). Also do we have complete rights to edit the templates (place our logo instead of yours) in an effort to cater it to our environment? Can we use the project methodology templates both internally (interdepartmental) and externally (vendors we hire).

Support Team Answer
– How it works is that anyone who fills-in the project methodology templates needs a license to use them. So say you have 5 Project Managers and all PM’s would fill in the templates for their projects. In this case, you would need a 5 user license.
– If you have people who would only read the document that is completed by the template, then they will not need a license. So for instance, if you have a customer who reads a Business Case document that was created with the Business Case template, then they would not need a license to use it, as long as they are not editing the templates themselves. Make sense?
– Yes, you have permission to remove our logo and make customize the templates and use them for your projects, as long as the first two licensing points are are met.
– You need to retain one small copyright to Method123 on each template, as we still own the copyright to the original content on each template (i.e. the non-customized content). You can add your own copyright notice in addition, if you make changes.
– As long as you are appropriate licensed, you can use the templates internally as well as with the vendors you hire.

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