System for Project Management Process

Q – Can staff in another country access the MPMM Project Management Process and would performance of the system be affected?
A – As the usually method of access is using Sharepoint, then your staff will be able to access the system from anywhere on the planet.

Q – What is the date of the most recent version of the MPMM Project Management Enterprise edition?
A – The most recent version was released only on the 6/13/09.

Client Questions

1. What is the most suitable payment method?
You can either pay by Credit Card online or by Purchase Order and then Wire Transfer and then Check.

2. What kind of documentation does the client need to sign with MPMM project management process to ensure their investment in the product is protected? Just the license agreement mentioned above.

3. Any other information that I need to be aware of to ensure that the sale and implementation of the product is executed perfectly.

I think you have covered it all. They were great questions as a Project Manager! I do suggest you read the license agreement, as it will probably answer any further questions you may have.

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