Support for Windows Vista Project Management Methodology

Project Management Methodology and Windows Vista

Client Request:
Will MPMM Project Management Methodology be able to support Windows Vista when it is released?

Support Team Response:
Good question. We have built the MPMM project management methodology tool to be supported by all recent live versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. As soon as Windows Vista (the next new Operating System to be released by Microsoft) is released live, we will immediately release a version which is supported on this platform. We have already prepared for the release of Windows Vista, so we’re now just awaiting its live release. We are told that Windows Vista was originally planned to be released late this year, but from what we can see, it’s more likely to be released early in 2007 at best.

Client Request:
Can you please list the Related Topics in Alphabetical order?

Support Team Response:
Yes this is possible. We’ve added your request to our items for further consideration. Many users like the way that the “Related Topics” section displays items currently, as it displays the items with the highest relevancy at the top and the items with the lowest relevancy at the bottom. However in saying that, for pages which have a large number of related topics visible, it would also be easy to view them in alphabetical order, as it makes it easier to scan the list. We’re not 100% decided on this one so far, but it’s a good request and one that will receive further attention prior to the next release of MPMM (Version 4.0)

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The MPMM Support Team

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