Splitter Bars in Project Management Process

Tip Changing your Splitter Bars within MPMM Project Management Process

Have you changed your splitter bars yet? The splitter bars are the borders between each of the content panels within MPMM project management process. For instance, there is a bar (or border) between the centre Display Panel and the Navigation Panel on the left hand side. You can move these splitter bars, to fit your screen. Users with small screens or using high DPIs (such 120 DPI) may wish to move the splitter bars towards the center, so that the content on the left and right hand sides is clearly visible without having to scroll.

Users with larger screen sizes (or using lower screen resolutions, such as 96 DPI) will want to move the splitter bars towards the outside, so that the maximum amount of content is visible in the center Display Panel.

Did you realize that there is also a splitter bar between the Page Summary and Related Topics section as well? You can move this bar up and down vertically, as you wish.

When you move the splitter bars to view the project management process more clearly, the position of the bars will be saved. So when you close and re-open MPMM, it remembers the place that you last positioned the bars and it relocates them in the same place for you automatically.

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The MPMM Support Team

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