Software Development Methodology that is Efficient

The reason software development methodology is conducted differently is due to the type of workers that make up the project team and the type of project that is kind of development actually is. Unlike most other projects that have team members completing tasks in the physical world, most software development is done in the cyber world. Thus a different set of parameters being from a different kind of world needed a new approach.

This new software development methodology approach became recognized as a real business methodology nearly 10 years ago when the Agile conference was first conducted. Since that early recognition, an Agile conference is now being conducted each year. In 2010 the conference had over 1400 attendees with 175 well known speakers giving presentations on their personal view on the development of the Agile movement.

Each year the software development methodology of Agile is discussed in detail to help those attending the conference the latest on this business methodology. This allows the industry as a whole to acquire and utilize the newest and latest techniques to assist in the development in this field of business to be more efficient.

There are even branches off of this software development methodology like Scrum. While this methodology is discussed at the Agile conference, it has developed to the point, it has a conference of its own for those that utilize it.

For those of you wishing to have the best of all worlds the software development methodology conferences that include Agile, Scrum and Lean are now on the calendar each year. This allows for the greatest chance to be exposed to all forms of software development so you can make the best informed decision.

Most of the attendees of these software development methodology conferences no longer need the basics on why they should use these methodologies. The majority is already making use of them and desire more details on their development and applications that they can use in their business applications. This is now more of a learning tool that just exposure to advancing this type of methodology into the main stream of the business world.

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