Software Development Methodology is Different

The deployment of software development methodology by a business uses a different approach to project development and planning than any other in the world at this time. The main emphasis is on meeting the time limit and not the daily progression that most projects encounter.

The reason the software development methodology is so different is the freedom given the team members to accomplish their assigned tasks. This is due to the nature of their tasks are like no other in the business world. The development of script to perform a function in the virtual world cannot be simulated or even tested in the real world until it is near or at completion.

Because of the different approach used in software development methodology, the type of person involved in the task is unique in the business world. This is an independent but disciplined type of worker that accomplishes their tasks alone in nearly every case. This type of approach to work allows for great creativity when approaching a programming task and the obstacles that will be encountered.

The use of prototypes in the software development methodology is very common place. This allows the project team member to see if they are on the correct path to accomplishing their goals with the tasks without it being totally completed. This is a time saving device that will help the team member know if they are on the correct path or if another approach should be taken.

Because there is nothing similar to the software development methodology in the manufacturing sector of business, there is few to no references to other methodologies. This is why no similarities or comparison is every written about with reference to it.

What is known is that the software development methodology is highly successful by the team members that develop the new software programs. It is a new type of language that is used for the completion of the task that takes a full understanding of it so it will perform as intended.

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