Six Sigma Methodology as a Business Strategy

The six sigma methodology is a business quality management strategy that has been in use since its introduction back in 1981 by the Motorola Corporation. The main premise behind this quality system is to make improvements in the process of identifying and eliminating the errors and defects that are inherent to any process where it is applied to.

The six sigma methodology is also used to minimize the many variables involved with a manufacturing process. This is done with the use of a statistical analysis of each part of a process to properly identify the place where an error is most likely to occur.

The different processes are all carried out to specific and pre-defined sequence of steps that have pre-determined targets. These targets are set with the purpose of applying the six sigma methodology, which is generally to increase profits by reducing cost and minimize defects and errors in the products.

The six sigma methodology process has matured since it was first introduced. In its name, the “six” is a reference to its yield of solving any problems in a process that might be present. In comparison, a 1 sigma methodology would bring a process to be 31% free of any possible errors or defects. The 6 sigma methodology improves the reduction percentage to 99.99966%.

For the six sigma methodology to achieve its goal of removing all possible errors there must be an ongoing effort by the company to keep this process in place and in continuous use. This way, both the business and manufacturing process can be constantly monitored for improvements, so errors can immediately be removed when discovered.

The goal of the six sigma methodology is to obtain a long-term control on the quality of all sections of a system so a business can run more smoothly. The more efficient a business is run, the greater the revenue stream and profits that will occur. This is why all businesses are operating, to make money for the owners and shareholders.

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