Sharing the Project Mangement Process

Project Management Process Sharing

Would you like to be able to share a project management process with others in your team, your clients or business partners?

With the latest version of MPMM (Version 3.0), you can easily share a project management process with others. By using the “Export” and “Import” features, you can export and import methodologies into and out of MPMM itself. So how should you use this feature?

Any new project management process you create, can easily be shared with others. Create and brand your own methodology, then use the “export” feature to export the methodology you have created, into an external file. You can then send this file to other licensed users, for them to “import” into their installation of MPMM. Exporting and Importing methodologies is quick, easy and makes the product extremely flexible.

We believe that MPMM is the only project management process which allows users to export, import and share project management methodologies with others.

This unique new feature is only available with MPMM Professional.

If you need project management software, project management templates or a project management methodology then download the latest trial edition of MPMM Professional.

The MPMM Support Team

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