Services for Project Management Methodology

Relationship Between the Implement Project Management Methodology Service and Other Services

The process of implementing project management methodology is closely related to the next three General Services:

Promote Standards, Improve Processes, and Standardize Tools. At a minimum, these four activities should be rolled out on an integrated schedule. It is possible to combine the four services into one, because the framework in the project management methodology is a framework for all standards, processes, and tools. The advantage of this approach is that the customers – project managers – receive everything they need to understand and implement the new approach to online project management all at once.

Methodology implementation also has a relationship to the three general processes that implement the Project Management Information System (PMIS): Support Software, Administer Databases, and Administer Knowledge Base. The timing of project management methodology implementation and these three PMIS-related services must be carefully coordinated. If a coherent project management methodology is urgently needed and the new PMIS system will take a lot of time to develop, then the project management methodology rollout should precede the PMIS rollout. In that case, the project management methodology, processes, and tools are in use before the PMIS is available. When the PMIS rolls out, putting all the project management templates, standards, processes, and tools into the PMIS will be a stage in the process.

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