Selling your Own Project Management Methodologies

Latest Release Feature – Being able to Sell your Own Project Management Methodologies

Can I really create and sell my own project management methodologies, using MPMM? Yes, using the latest release of the Professional edition, you can create your own unique project management methodologies. Then, by joining our Reseller Program, you can sell your methodology to other licensed users. Of course you will make a profit on the resale of the MPMM licenses, and you will gain 100% of the revenue from licensing and selling your own methodology to your MPMM client base.

To create and sell your own methodology, start by collating all of the online project management materials which existing in your business currently. You will probably have a suite of project management methodologies, templates, forms and documents which you’ve used in the past to complete projects. Then try and order your documentation, so that it resembles a single process for managing projects. The resulting process will become your Project Management Life Cycle.

Once you’ve collated and ordered your project management documentation, the next step is to load it all into MPMM by creating a new methodology with new content pages. Import the content onto each content page within your new methodology and then link the pages together in MPMM to create a single process for managing projects. You can of course upload templates and business case studies to give you methodology more depth.

Then create a license for your new methodology, assign a price and find existing MPMM clients who are keen to buy your new methodology. Use the Export Methodology function to export your methodology as a single file and then send the methodology to your clients. It’s that easy!

The MPMM Support Team

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