Selling my Project Management Methodologies

Selling my Project Management Methodologies on

Client Request:
I have Windows 98 and I didn’t read the minimum system requirements on your site. It would have been nice if after downloading MPMM, it automatically detected that I was using a non-supported Operating System and informed me – prior to installation.

Support Team Response:
Yes, this is a good idea. We will include this new installation feature in the next live release of MPMM. What you have asked for is a little tricky as there are a host of less used, non-supported Operating Systems that we will need to scan for during the installation process, but we’re happy to implement this feature for you.

Client Request:
I have created a set of project management methodologies and I was wondering if you guys would sell them for me?

Support Team Response:
This is possible in the future. As the install base for MPMM grows, the demand for swapping project management methodologies grows as well. There is a possibility in the future that we will allow our users to upload onto our website, each of their methodologies so that other licensed users can buy and download them. In this way, you could commercially exchange project management methodologies. However creating a project management methodology and getting it to the point where it is totally unique and has strong commercial value, is a lot of work. We would like to think that within the next 12 months, we can offer this feature on our website.

See Project Manager and Project Management Life Cycle.

The MPMM Support Team

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