Selling my own Project Management Methodologies

Selling my own Project Management Methodologies

Client Request:
It is cool that I can now add my own project management methodologies. I have some clients that I want to be able to release my own project management methodologies to. I understand that I can just resell them MPMM and then export my current project management methodologies and allow them to import it. So I can then in effect, sell them my own methodology. That is great, but when I do this, I will also want to add security protection for the project management methodologies that I sell them. For instance, I may want to be able to prevent them from copy/pasting content out of the product, accessing certain areas of my methodology or make it so that only a certain number of people at my client’s site can use it. If you could do this, then I’m able to sell my own project manager methodology and license it to a specified number of users. Is this possible?

Support Team Response:
Yes this is definitely possible. Thanks for raising it. In version 4, we hope to be able to give you all of these features, to allow you to license and sell your own project management methodologies to your MPMM client base. An example of what you might like to do is create and license your own project management methodologies for “software projects”. You might have a heap of processes, documents and templates that you’ve used to manage software projects for in the past. By uploading it into MPMM (using the Methodology Manager provided in the Professional edition), you can then link each of the documents, processes and templates together to create your own “Software Development Lifecycle” (otherwise called an “SDLC”). You can then resell MPMM to your clients and after they have installed it, you can use the Export and Import features to sell and send them your methodology. Of course, you can do all of this now. However to help you to control the way that your project management methodologies is distributed and accessed, we intend to provide you with a set of new security features. These features will perform all of the functions that you’ve listed and more. The only item you’ve asked for which is more difficult is enabling you to control the distribution of the methodology which you have created. At the moment, if you create and sell a methodology to one of your clients, there is nothing to stop them forwarding that methodology to others. So currently, you should control the distribution of methodologies that you have created, by signing a license agreement or contract with your customer. This agreement will confirm the number of users that your project management methodologies should be used for. In the future, we hope to be able to allow you to do this automatically within MPMM itself. This is certainly a leading edge requirement, as we’re not aware of any other project management tools in the market that will be able to provide you with such features.

The MPMM Support Team

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