Risk Register

I have a risk register currently it is not very effective. Can you please tell me what I should include within my risk register so that risks are properly resolved during the project?

The two tricks to having an effective risk register are firstly using a risk register with all of the relevant columns and fields so that risks are appropriately documented. The second trick is in the use of the risk register which involves making sure that all risks are documented in the risk register and prioritized accordingly. The fields which should be included in a risk register are the date the risk was raised, a detailed description of the risk and it’s impact, the likelihood and priority of the risk , and finally the preventative and contingent actions taken to mitigate the risk. As already stated the use of the risk register is as important as the register it-self. You should always make sure that all risks are documented and the project manager is aware of the risks so that hey have the opportunity to identify the priority of each item raised and complete the actions recommended.

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