Right Mouse Button in MPMM Project Management Life Cycle

Tip Using the Right Mouse Button in your MPMM Project Management Life Cycle

Did you realize that you can use your right mouse button in MPMM project management life cycle?  If you have MPMM Professional, then you can quickly edit the content pages included within MPMM project management software, using the right mouse button. For instance, then you right mouse click anywhere in the Navigation Panel, you will be provided with a suite of options allowing you to edit and customize the project management methodology selected.

By using this button, you can create new methodology pages, edit content pages within the existing project management life cycle selected, move pages up or down in the hierarchy and rename and delete pages. These options are also available within the Methodology Manager (provided with the Professional edition), however it is often faster and easier to just right mouse click on the page that you wish to edit and jump straight into the MPMM editor to edit the page selected.

The MPMM Support Team

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