Reselling MPMM Project Management Methodologies

Reselling Project Management Methodologies

Q: Hi. I have experience in project management in the oil industry. Now I’m a retired Project Manager and I have teamed up with some ex-associates to form a new company. We would like to know if we can represent you and market your products in our country. Can you please tell us how we can do this?

A: Thank you for your request. You have two options available. Firstly, you can join our affiliate program. If you have a website then you can add a link from your website to ours and get a commission on any sales generated. And secondly, we have recently released our Reseller Program, under which you can resell MPMM project management methodologies licenses and make a profit on the resulting sales. You can also offer services in addition to product licenses, so that you can boost your consulting and training services revenue. If you are interested in reselling the MPMM project management methodologies, then check out our Reseller Program.

Q: We’re specialists in deploying Microsoft products. We currently have a project in which the client has requested that we integrate MS Project Server and Sharepoint with your project management methodologies and project management templates. Is this possible?

A: This is a very good question. Some of the content and templates within the MPMM project management methodologies can be manually exported into MS Project however these two products are not integrated via an API interface. This means that while you can manually create projects using MS Project and manage them by using MPMM project management methodologies, the two systems are not fully integrated. There are very few products in the market that are fully integrated with MS Project, but we intend to be one of them. We are planning to integrate MPMM with MS Project and Sharepoint within the next 12 months.

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