Request for Information Project Management Process

Title Request for Information Project Management Process

Description Once you have created a statement of work document, using the project management process you need to create a request for information document.

Keywords project management process information requests.

Q: While appointing vendors to our project, we realized that we didn’t have a formal project management process for doing so. So we went back to the starting block and created a Statement of Work, as highlighted in your project management methodology. But what’s the next step after doing this?

A: The next step afer you have created a statement defining the work that a vendor should complete, is to issue a document called a “Request for Information”. This document basically defines the project management process for the vendor, in responding to your needs, by submiting a formal proposal to you for consideration. The reason you need to document this project manaement process formally is that you want the entire vendor selection to be unbiased and impartial.

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