Report Status Service using a Project Management Template

If the PMO Manager determines that the PMO should offer this service, then it should be launched at the same time as, and in conjunction with, the Report Status Service. Do this using the Project Management Template.

If the PMO is not providing the Update Plans Service, there is a way of telling if it is needed. If some or all projects are unable to provide timely, accurate input each week for the Report Status Service, and this problem cannot be remedied through policies and trainings, then the PMO should add the Update Plans Service. It is critical for all PMOs to have timely, accurate input to the Report Status Service. If the project managers cannot provide it, then the PMO must.

Updating Program and Portfolio Plans with Project Management Software

In a company with a single PMO, the PMO will usually update program and portfolio plans if it updates project plans. In an company with multiple PMOs, or with a combination of project, program, and portfolio offices, the arrangements are more complicated. Responsibilities for updating plans should be coordinated among the various offices to eliminate duplication of effort.

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