Relationships with Project Management Methodology

Relationship Between the Promote Standards Service and Other Services

The Promote Standards service should be closely coordinated with, or even integrated into a single service with, three other services: Implement Methodology; Improve Processes; and Standardize Tools. See the Implement Project Management Methodology life cycle page for reasons and methods for doing this.

The Promote Standards Service is related to Supportive Services as follows:
– Training. Standards are project management template contents of some of the training the PMO provides.
– Mentoring and Supporting Staff. Certification in standards or reviews that show that a project adhered to standards are a basis for promotion and moving up the career path for both online project management managers and technical personnel.
– Support Projects. Standards may be used to determine which projects receive support from this service, and the methods used to support projects must comply with appropriate standards.
– Administer Staff and Manage Accounts. Standards may govern how this work is done.

The Promote Standards Service is related to Controlling Services in these ways:
– Governance. A well developed governance system will specify who determines which versions of which standards will be followed, which is an aspect of governance. It also determines who is responsible for ensuring that projects comply with each set of standards. Definition of responsibility is the core of governance.
– Project Review. A project review is a comparison of actual project management activity and actual project work to the applicable standards. It determines if standards were complied with, and, if not, whether the deviation from standards was significant.
– Project Audit. A project audit, like a project review, compares management and work on a project to standards. An audit is both more likely to find significant non-compliance with standards and more challenging, because, during an audit, a project is likely to be in crisis.
– Assessments. If reviews or audits indicate significant non-compliance with a particular standard, the PMO can use an assessment to find out how widespread the non-compliance is, how damaging it is, and what its causes might be.

In the directive PMO, all of the services should be performed in compliance with relevant standards. The specific standards that must be complied with should be written into the definition of each directive service.

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