Relationship between MPMM and Method123

Q: I understand that Method123 and MPMM are related. Can you please tell me more about the company and how the products were formed, as well as how they relate.

A: Method123 Ltd was formed in the year 2000 by Jason Westland, the current CEO. It was the first company to release professional project management templates on the internet. As such, it received enormous growth in its first few years, quickly becoming the primary site on the internet for project management tools and templates. Then in 2006, Method123 released it’s project management methodology product “MPMM”. MPMM stands for the Method123 Project Management Methodology. MPMM includes all of the templates on as well as an entire methodology for projects. It was wrapped in project management software to allow project managers to create their own intellectual property and to protect it from proliferation. MPMM is now recognized as the leading project management methodology worldwide, as it is fully aligned with the two worldwide project management standards PMBOK and Prince2.

The MPMM Support Team

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