Reinstalling the project management software

Q: If the computer that I install the single user version on has a problem, how would I be able to re-install your project management methodology on another computer?

A: This is a good question. Like most project management software, you would need to take regular backups of your project management methodology data and keep those backups on CD or a device external to your PC. If you then encounter a problem that makes your PC irrecoverable, you would need to download and install the latest trial edition of MPMM from our website. You can then simply enter the serial number that you have purchased and activate the software. If you have any problems activating then please let us know. You will of course need to import your project management methodology data from the CD into your new MPMM installation and at that point, you will have recovered your MPMM build back to what it was before you experienced the issue. You will need to complete this same process for all other project management tools applications that you have on your PC as well.

The MPMM Support Team

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