Purchasing a Project Management Methodology

Qu: If I purchase MPMM Professional, and I later want to buy additional licenses, am I still entitled to receive an upgrade refund? I’m also interested in Gantt Chart Software.

Answer: Yes absolutely. You will see that on our shopping cart for MPMM Professional, that if you buy multiple user licenses in batch, then you will only have to pay the difference between what you have paid already and what the total value of the new licensing is. For instance, currently MPMM Professional is $495 for a single user license and $695 for a 2 user license. If you buy a single user version and after want to upgrade to a 2 user license, then proceed with your purchase and we will refund you $495. In this way, you’re only paying $200 for your license. Very few Project Planning Software providers in the market operate like this. Usually, you do not get a refund for any existing purchases, when you later upgrade to a larger number of licenses. However as our goal is to eventually get you using the Enterprise edition, we’re happy to provide you with upgrade refunds until you reach that point. Make sense?

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